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*Deep Breath*

Aaawwwwwwwwww!! Short and sweet, good job!

I wanna be with you forever!

Woo! Starfish! This is so random it's wonderful. Nice animation!

Shhhpffftttuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun Tan.

Funny audio to begin with, but that last "Killer Sun Tan" line worked with the mouth animation and panning to the other girl's face just enough to get a classic 'wtf?' look was great. Top class you lazy muffin you!

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OMG! They shoot beams when they rawr!

Asteriods... Dinosaurs... Rawrs... Lazers... Jetpacks... This game has everything!! I love the fact you made it in the first place, really made me smile. You won me over at the very start with the 'face-in-clevage' gag and from then on it was robo-dino-ass-kicking-goodness!

Projectile bunny fetuses?

You sir, are a genius.

Seriously the cut-scenes were a nice touch to give the game some character, unlike a lot of defence games which don't bother. Also the weaponry was neat and varied but I prefer to hold out with the default weapon for as long as I can, while saving cash for something considerably more powerful, rather than climb the ladder.

It feels like a game that was taken seriously, including things like achievements, so right on. Great game!

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Love it.

Worked really well in Castle Crashers, real beasty.


I remember letting this play out at the end of the demo, just kept it rolling. I think it helped sell me on the game a little. Of course I was gonna by the game anyway 'cus it was awesome, but I like me some decent tunes too! :)

It's sweet.

I love the step effect and the basic guitar melody, it really lifts. Can I ask what program you made this with?

AKS9 responds:

its made with garageband!
the "step-effect" is a default synth called circuit dialogue. I didn't know you could call it step-effect I don't actually know much about synths and such
thanks for the reviews dude :)

I love making music. Here you'll find a collection of stuff which was fun to make and hopefully even better to listen to. One of my tweaks is taking a nostalgic tune and beefing it up 'zilla style. If you like what you hear, get in touch!

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